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Uranium, Copper, Lead, Zinc and other Sedimentary Basin-Hosted Systems

The experienced CET research team can provide mineral systems analysis and evaluation of many sedimentary-hosted deposit types. Specialist teams work to provide industry-focused mining and exploration solutions to problems across a broad range of commodity types in this area.


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  • 28 February 2014

    A Social License to Undertake Research

    Modern research science is a capital-intensive industry. Scientific resources and agencies are concentrated in wealthy developed nations with the economic and infrastructure base to support such fundamental endeavours. Nature, however, respects no such distinctions - and we com...

    Mark Jessell, Geoff Batt

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CET provides a positive voice at AMEC 2013

by User Not Found | Sep 24, 2013
'The Voice of the Mining Industry'

The Perth AMEC Convention 2013 in the lead up to September's Australian Federal Election  was billed as 'The Voice of the Mining Industry' - and a strong CET presence at the event - led by Director Cam McCuaig - made sure that our message of market resilience and the long-term significance of exploration contributed to that voice.

The ever-popular CET booth provided a hub of stimulating conversations - ranging from the scientific to the economic, and - not surprisingly given the looming national vote - political, with vigorous debate around the visions for the future of Australia competing for attention and their implications for the mining industry.

Cam McCuaig gave an inspiring presentation to an audience of investors and industry on the Australian Academy of Science UNCOVER initiative - a research vision with the potential to revolutionise exploration in Australia and around the globe in the coming years.

Feedback on our activities at the conference was resoundingly positive - and we left the event with an upbeat outlook and some significant new contacts.