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Crustal evolution, tectonics and magma fertility of the Paleoproterozoic Alta Floresta Mineral Province, Amazonian Craton_SEG 100

SEG 100 Conference Abstract

Veronica Trevisan, Roberto Xavier, Steffen Hagemann, Robert Loucks, João MottaAndreas Petersson, Anthony Kemp, Gonzalo Henríquez, Luis Parra-Avila , Jian-Feng Ga, Rafael Assis

The Alta Floresta Mineral Province (AFMP) constitutes a belt approximately 500 km long by 100
km wide in the southern portion of the Amazonian Craton. The province comprises numerous,
compositionally heterogeneous acidic intrusions, acidic to intermediate volcanic rocks, and
subordinate volcaniclastic rocks and granitic gneisses.