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Saying Goodbye to a 2D Earth

Dates: 03 – 08 Aug, 2015

BACKGROUND Fundamental questions remain as to how to integrate geophysical and geological datasets with prior knowledge into testable, robust predictions of the 3D world beneath our feet. Although commercial systems provide adequate solutions for some specific scenarios, the ability to produce testable, reproducible models for which model uncertainties are well contrained by all the geological and geophysical observations remain a goal, not a reality. In this conference a strong emphasis will be placed on discussing future methods for characterising, visualising and reducing model uncertainty, as this is a particular weakness of current methodologies, and a necessary step in providing predictions with error estimates, a fundamental requirement of all scientific endeavour. The invited speakers are drawn from academia, geological surveys and the energy and minerals industry, as all three groups have been instrumental in developing the existing systems, and are pushing the scientific frontiers of this discipline. This conference will bring together geophysicists and geologists working at different scales, using customised and commercial technologies and workflows, and working in different tectonic settings, to stimulate discussions between groups that do not often interact.

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Archean Tectonics Debate & Symposium

Dates: 27 – 28 Nov, 2014

Archean Tectonics Debate and Symposium - 27 & 28 November 2014 Since the late 1960’s when plate tectonics was first widely accepted, geologists have long considered how far back in Earth’s history plate tectonic processes operated. Until the late 1980’s, many geologists considered that plate tectonic activity has only operated in the past 1 Ga. Since then, however, new discoveries have pushed back the envelope such that some geologists believe tectonic activity has occurred since the early Archean. However, this is a matter of continued dispute and is currently unresolved. Understanding of dynamic Archean tectonics is critical for comprehending the evolution of Australian continent, and processes that led to the formation of world class gold and base metal provinces.

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Orogenic Gold Deposits: Nature and Geological Targeting

Dates: 07 – 07 Oct, 2014 | Location: Curtin University, Kalgoorlie

Introduction Global Importance and Distribution Common Characteristics Tectonic and Lithospheric Setting Temporal Distribution and Timing of Mineralisation Anomalous Settings and Deposits

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Short Course on Magnetotellurics

Dates: 20 – 24 Oct, 2014 | Location: UWA Crawley Campus

The CET, in conjunction with the Australian Society for Exploration Geophysics, Schlumberger and Moombarringa Geoscience, are proud to welcome Professor Alan Jones to Perth to present a “Short Course on Magnetotellurics”.

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CET Seminar Series

Dates: 27 – 28 Nov, 2014 | Location: Perth

The Seminar Series Committee is currently working on a fantastic Seminar Series Schedule for 2014 and information will be updated as it is confirmed.

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