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Third CCFS Lithosphere Dynamics Workshop

Dates:               5-6th November 2017 (Just before the SGTSG in Denmark, WA)
Registration:    Moot Court, UWA, Crawley Campus
Lectures:          Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (Room G.130)
Register:           Registrations Open !

Understanding the dynamics of the continental crust, mantle lithosphere and their interaction with the asthenosphere is fundamental for explaining the evolution of the Australian continent and the processes that led to its formation and today's state. Continental lithosphere geodynamics stands as an intriguing and controversial issue and currently represents a barrier in expanding our understanding of how the Earth evolved through time.

The remarkable progress in the acquisition of geological, geophysical and petro-chemical data for the continental lithosphere around the globe brings us to a third round of Lithosphere Workshops. 
This year we would like to concentrate on two important topics:

  1. Core to Crust - advances in modeling and not only.

  2. Construction and destruction of cratons. 

This workshop's primary objectives are to:

  1. Encourage detailed discussion on scientific and technical aspects of lithospheric-scale multidisciplinary problems.

  2. Foster interaction between different disciplines to answer the same questions.

  3. Introduce students, researchers and industry members to current research on lithospheric- scale processes, in an informal setting.

  4. Support national collaboration.

Current confirmed speakers (please click their names for their abstracts):

Dietmar Muller
Louis Moresi
Zhonghai Li
Keith Priestley
Fawna Korhonen
Ling Chen
Tom Raimondo
Hrvoje Tkalcic
Craig O'Neill
Chris Kirkland
Stephen Foley
Klaus Gessner
Tim Stern

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As part of the scheduled format, we have invited a number of keynote speakers who will present on various topics.

All other presentations will be within poster sessions over the two days. All participants are encouraged to present their work in form of a poster.

Discounted registration fee applies only to students who present their work.

Please submit a page long abstract to: weronika.gorczyk@uwa.edu.au

Registrations are still open.

Standard Fee: $350 (incl. GST)
Student Fee: $200 (incl. GST)
Corporate Member Fee: $280 (incl. GST)

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