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2019 TIGeR Conference

Pathways towards equilibrium in geological systems – mechanisms, length scales and microstructures.

The aim of this 3-day conference is to promote progress at the leading edge of this topic through presentations and open-forum discussion.

We will focus on questions related to mechanisms of mineral and rock equilibration from the Earth’s surface to
the deep crust, including:
• Crystallization and re-equilibration in aqueous solutions and its consequences
• Re-equilibration in crustal rocks and drivers towards equilibrium: a question of spatial scale?
• Are metamorphic rocks non-equilibrium self-organised systems?
• What mechanisms are available for the re-equilibration of a mineral assemblage?
• What can we learn from mineral microstructures and rock textures?
• Mineralization patterns and ore deposits as nonequilibrium phenomena
• Open and closed systems

Please go to the website http://tiger.curtin.edu.au/conferences/ and follow the links.

The Exhibition Area, Building 500,
Curtin University, Bentley Campus, Perth.

Most of the large chain hotels are in the City and
there are public transport options (buses) to Curtin.
There are also many Airbnb opportunities nearer
to Curtin. Further details will follow for registered

Email: Andrew.Putnis@curtin.edu.au

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