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Participants of the West African Exploration Initiative stage 3 (WAXI 3) met in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Nov 24, 2016

This well attended meeting marked the halfway point of the project, with significant research outputs (in the form of data and knowledge) being presented to industry and West African government sponsors.

This project managed by Amira International (Adele Seymon) and the CET (Mark Jessell) is a truly remarkable collaboration between a host of research institutions from three continents, government agencies from West Africa and industry. The initiative has focused on two overarching themes, namely research to better understand the tectonic history and mineralisation of the West African Craton; and to assist in building capacity in the region. 

The current third stage of WAXI, P934B, which began in September 2014, is sponsored by twelve exploration and mining companies and ten West African Geological Survey Organisations/Department of Mines. The latter are participating as sponsors-in-kind. The focus on this iteration is on some of the knowledge gaps identified through the previous work, which will improve the understanding of the occurrence of various commodities. The Capacity Building effort has seen 33 graduate students (23 PhD + 10 MSc) and 132 short course participants (88 industry, 16 geological surveys, 28 PhD) funded to date.

For more information please contact Mark Jessell: mark.jessell@uwa.edu.au and visit: www.waxi2.org.