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South American eXploration Initiative (SAXI) moves into preparation for Stage 2

May 01, 2019

Stage 1 of SAXI brought together a diverse group of stakeholders (industry, government and research organisations) in a collaborative effort to improve our understanding of the fundamental nature of North-East South America, including the Amazonian Craton and the Borborema Province. This region covers all or part of Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela. Key motivations for undertaking this initiative are to assist exploration companies in focusing their activities in areas of maximum prospectivity and to help the Geological Surveys in the region to build capacity and enhance their capability in their role of providing pre-competitive data and information. 
An additional aim of the project is to build a matching knowledge base that can be combined with the West African eXploration Initiative (WAXI) database to produce a seamless coverage for the two regions. There is no publically available equivalent database for the Guiana Shield region.
Stage 1 was well supported by AMIRA International's global members and saw the delivery of a gap analysis to understand what data and information is available for the region and SAXI Exploration GIS, plus a structural analysis of regional geophysical data and targeted geochronological sampling and analysis was possible as a result of the project being oversubscribed.
The significant and diverse attendance at the 11th Inter Guiana geology conference in Paramaribo, Suriname in February 2019 suggests there is renewed interest in collaboration between institutions in the different countries, which a SAXI Stage 2 should be able to draw upon to undertake new industry-focused research. 
For more information on SAXI Stage 2, please contact Mark Jessell

Should you be in Perth on Thursday 16th May 2019 (same day than LADU conference), Amira is organising a breakfast briefing to discuss research and data acquisition priorities for the region and how to get involved in Stage 2 of this exciting initiative.
You will find further details about this event and can register to attend here.
Registration is compulsory