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CET featured in ABC evening news: Sulfur holds key to next generation of mining deposits

Sep 18, 2020

Research associate Dr. Crystal LaFlamme and PhD candidate Stefano Caruso were joined by Adjunct Professor and CET board member Dr. Jon Hronsky from Western Mining Services and featured in an ABC news clipping and article entitled: Sulfur could hold key to next generation of mining deposits, research says. At the Centre for Exploration Targeting at the University of Western Australia we work as a team in collaboration with students and colleagues from CSIRO, GSWA and Curtin University to incorporate geophysical and geochemical techniques to better target mineral systems that are often not exposed at the surface. Within the framework of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems (CCFS), this project, funded by the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA), is an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of the latest advances in conceptual targeting models and technology to unlock the mineral wealth of Western Australia.
Here, we use multiple sulfur isotope and metal reservoir mapping to fingerprint in space and time areas of regional prospectivity. Sulfur exists in all levels of the Earth from the mantle to the hydrosphere, is a key complexing agent in metal transport, and a main component of ore deposits. We complete fieldwork in the Yilgarn craton and the Capricorn Orogen (making up a large portion of Western Australia) to better understand the rocks and to collect samples for analysis at UWA with state of the art equipment. Many samples also come from the GSWA’s core library. Our goal is to understand the detailed sulfur geochemistry and isotopic evolution of mineralised environments to enhance our understanding of the metallogenic endowment of Western Australia. This will lend key insights into the genetic and spatial relationship among different mineral systems and fingerprint prospective areas of mineralization at not only the prospect-scale, but also the regional-scale, adhering to the principles and the vision of the UNCOVER initiative.

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