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  • CET a partner in the new $215 million MinEx CRC

    Apr 10, 2018
    The MinEx CRC has been granted $50 million to boost for mineral exploration research in Australia, and this funding is backed up by industry and the research partners by a further $165 million. The CET and School of Earth Sciences will be represented by Mark Jessell and Mark Lindsay who jointly lead the Automated 3D Modelling Project which will be developing new techniques to reduce the time taken from receiving drilling data to constructing probabilistic and objective geological models.
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  • The Centre for Exploration Targeting commercialises automated structure detection and analysis software for downhole images

    Jun 11, 2015
    Innovative data analysis algorithms and workflows developed by the Centre for Exploration Targeting within UWA's School of Earth and Environment have recently been released as a module for the leading downhole data processing and management package WellCAD. We anticipate that this will significantly improve the speed and quality of processing of downhole images in the minerals and petroleum industries. The algorithms and workflow have been in development by the Geophysics and Computational Analysis group at the CET since 2008, leading to a collaboration with Rio Tinto from 2010 to 2013, followed by a partnership with Advanced Logic Technology (developers of WellCAD) funded by a UWA Pathfinder grant. This release follows the CET's success in commercialising the CET Grid Analysis plugins for Geosoft's Oasis Montaj.
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  • The CET and Advanced Logic Technology (ALT) are proud to announce the Image and Structure Interpretation (ISI) workspace for WellCAD 5.1

    Feb 27, 2015
    The Centre for Exploration Targeting and Advanced Logic Technology (ALT) are proud to announce the Image and Structure Interpretation (ISI) workspace for WellCAD 5.1, a leading software product for downhole data processing and management. The ISI workspace provides auto-picking functionality and an accompanying workflow to rapidly and objectively process downhole acoustic and optical televiewer images, and formation micro-imager images. This is the culmination of a project initiated in 2008 at CET, supported from 2010 by Rio Tinto, and more recently supported by a UWA Pathfinder grant leading to its commercialisation with ALT.
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  • New Geophysics Degree at UWA

    Feb 13, 2015
    Geophysics is the interdisciplinary study of the earth, oceans, atmosphere and beyond using the quantitative methods of physics, mathematics and computer science. In addition to our MSc and PhD research degrees in Geophysics, UWA now offers a BSc Hons degree in Geophysics commencing 2015.
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  • UWA’s EJ Holden, building bridges between computational science and geoscience

    Jul 08, 2014
    Associate Professor Eun-Jung Holden, or EJ as she is known to most, is a perfect example of the sort of academic the Energy and Minerals Institute has the pleasure of working with in collaboration with industry
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