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Time Scales and Geodynamics

CET research in Time Scales and Geodynamics works toward an integrated understanding of the dynamic processes shaping mineral systems and their evolution through time.

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  • 28 February 2014

    The ongoing search for Hadean crust on Earth

    The familiar concentric layer cake structure of the Earth depicted in textbooks formed within a few hundred million years of the accretion of the planet. This is when the metallic core segregated, the oceans condensed, the atmosphere outgassed and the first rocky crust formed....

    Tony Kemp

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  • A collaborative research between CET, Monash and GSWA winning an ARC Linkage grant

    Jul 01, 2014
    Researchers from CET, GSWA and Monash University were successful in winning a grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage scheme. The project is titled “Reducing 3D Geological Uncertainty via Improved Data Interpretation Methods”.
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  • West African Exploration Initiative Stage 3

    Jun 17, 2014
    The CET is taking a lead role in Stage 3 of the West African Exploration Initiative, which starts this September with a kick-off sponsors meeting in Dakar, Senegal. The West African Exploration Initiative (WAXI) is an ambitious research and training program led by a consortium of partner institutions, focused on the mineral potential of the West African Craton. This initiative, which commenced in November 2006, has been principally funded by the international Mining Industry and the Australian Government (AusAID & ARC), via an AMIRA International consortium. AMIRA International is an industry association dedicated to supporting collaborative minerals industry research. Capacity building activities have led to over 35 graduate projects, half of them taken up by African students, and an average of 5 short courses per year, run exclusively in West Africa. The WAXI project has a close collaboration with the International Mining for Development Centre (www.IM4DC.org).
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  • Professor Mark Jessell honoured with the Bruce Hobbs Medal

    Feb 21, 2014
    Professor Jessell was awarded the highly prized Bruce Hobbs medal for Structural Geology at the 2014 meeting of the GSA’s Specialist Group for Structural Geology and Tectonics in Thredbo. One of the Society’s most significant honours, this medal takes its name from renowned structural geologist and science administrator Bruce Hobbs, and is awarded biennially by the SGTSG for outstanding contributions to structural geology.
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  • Pilbara home to 3.5 billion-year-old bacterial ecosystems

    Nov 12, 2013
    Evidence of complex microbial ecosystems dating back almost 3.5 billion years has been found in Western Australia's Pilbara region by an international team including UWA Research Assistant Professor David Wacey
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  • CET “all over” Africa Down Under

    Sep 24, 2013
    Presentation to 1900 delegates
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