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Mineral-Dynamics: An atlas of the geodynamics of mineralising systems

Perth, Australia

Mineral Geodynamics: An Atlas of Geodynamic Mineral Systems has been developed to provide examples, and interpretations, of tectonic styles at the crustal/lithospheric scale focussed on real examples from around the world.

It aims to answer the question: Which region on Earth should I be in? through exploring the crustal-scale architectures that favour the formation of large hydrothermal mineralising systems, and the time and length scales involved in the various architectural settings?
A new model is used for the introduction of CO2 into crustal settings with the development of a thermodynamic data base for CO2 devolatilisation under mantle conditions. This means that subduction and delamination scenarios for CO2 production can be explored as well as the classical crustal origins for CO2.