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Jon Hronsky

Adjunct Professor and Order of Australia Medal [OAM] recipient 2019

School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting


Contact details

Western Mining Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
Suite 26/17 Prowse St
West Perth WA 6005

P: +61 (0)8 9322 4601
M: +61 (0)417 992 518
+61 (0)8 9322 4602

Jon Hronsky has almost 30 years experience in the mining and mineral exploration industry. He is currently a Principal of Western Mining Services (WMS), a consultancy group with offices in Perth and Denver that provides strategic-level services to the global mineral exploration industry. In addition, Jon is a Director of Encounter Resources, a Western Australian focused base-metals junior explorer.

Prior to his current role, Jon was Manager of Strategy and Project Generation for BHP Billiton’s global mineral exploration group, and before that Global Geoscience Leader for WMC Resources.

Jon graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mining Geology from the West Australian School of Mines in Kalgoorlie in 1983 and completed a PhD at UWA under Professor David Groves in 1994.

His exploration targeting work led to the discovery in 2000 of the West Musgrave NiS province in WA. Jon was awarded the Gibb Maitland Medal in 2005, the highest award of the WA Division of the Geological Society of Australia and was the 2009 Society of Economic Geology Distinguished Lecturer.

Jon is also an Adjunct Professor at Macquarie university, Sydney and the Chair of the external advisory group to the CSIRO Discovery research theme,  within their “Minerals Down Under” research flagship.

Dr Hronsky was awarded an Order of Australia Medal [OAM] in the 2019 Australia Day Honours List, in recognition of his service to the mining sector.

Research Interests:

  • The Mineral System framework and elucidating the generic unifying factors that govern ore-forming systems
  • The  effective integration of technical geoscientific knowledge with the practical commercial process of mineral exploration to increase exploration success rates
  • The development of optimum  pragmatic targeting methodologies
  • Mineral exploration management


Significant Publications

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