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Michael Wingate

Adjunct Research Fellow

School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting

Contact details

Geological Survey of Western Australia
100 Plain St, East Perth, WA 6004

+61 (0)8 9222 3613


Michael Wingate graduated with an Honours degree from Carleton University, Ontario (1990), an MSc from the University of Victoria, British Columbia (1993), and a PhD from the Australian National University (1997). He held several postdoctoral research positions at the University of Western Australia from 1997 to 2005, conducting geochronological and paleomagnetic research in Australia, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Michael is currently manager of the geochronology and isotope geology programs at the Geological Survey of Western Australia.

Research Interests

  • Geochronology & isotope geology
  • Paleomagnetism
  • Tectonics
  • Large Igneous Provinces
  • Mafic dyke swarms

Research Affiliations

  • Adjunct Research Fellow, Dept of Applied Geology, Curtin University
  • John de Laeter Centre for Isotope Research, Curtin University
  • University Associate, Dept of Imaging and Applied Physics, Curtin University
  • ARC Centre for Core to Crust FluidSystems, Macquarie University
  • Steering Committee, Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) Commission, International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI), 2003–present
  • Global Supercontinent Reconstruction Project (an Industry-Government-University consortium), Carleton University, Ottawa


Selected Publications

Doublier, MP, Thebaud, N, Wingate, MTD, Romano, SS, Kirkland, CL, Gessner, K, Mole, DR and Evans, N 2014, Structure and timing of Neoarchean gold mineralisation in the Southern Cross district (Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia) suggest leading role of late low-Ca I-type granite intrusions: Journal of Structural Geology, in press/available online.

Pidgeon, RT and Wingate, MTD 2014, Geochronology of the Archean of Western Australia: an historical approach: Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, 97: 97–109.

Jourdan, F, Hodges, K, Sell, B, Schaltegger, U, Wingate, MTD, Evins, LZ, Söderlund, U, Haines, PW, Philips, D and Blenkinsop, T 2013, High-precision dating of the Kalkarindji large igneous province, Australia, and synchrony with the Early–Middle Cambrian (Stage 4–5) extinction: Geology, 42: 543–546.

Romano, SS, Thébaud, NJM, Mole, DR, Wingate, MTD, Kirkland, CL and Doublier, MP 2013, Age constraints on komatiites in the Southern Cross Domain, Yilgarn Craton: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 61: 143–157.

Pisarevsky, SA, Wingate, MTD, Li, Z-X, Wang, X-C, Tohver, E and Kirkland, CL 2014. Age and paleomagnetism of the 1210 Ma Gnowangerup–Fraser dyke swarm, Western Australia, and implications for late Mesoproterozoic paleogeography: Precambrian Research, 246: 1–15.

Wang, X-C, Li, Z-X, Li, J, Pisarevsky, SA and Wingate, MTD 2014, Genesis of the 1.21 Ga Marnda Moorn large igneous province by plume–lithosphere interaction: Precambrian Research, 241: 85–103.

Gladkochub, DP, Donskaya, TV, Wingate, MTD, Mazukabzov, AM, Pisarevsky, SA and Kornilova, TA 2013, Using the isotope dating of endocontact hybrid rocks for the age determination of mafic rocks (southern Siberian craton): Russian Geology and Geophysics, 54: 1340–1351.

Calver, CR, Crowley, JL, Wingate, MTD, Evans, DAD, Raub, T and Schmitz, MD 2013, Globally synchronous Marinoan deglaciation indicated by U-Pb geochronology of the Cottons Breccia, Tasmania, Australia: Geology, 41: 1127–1130.

Haines, PW, Wingate, MTD and Kirkland, CL 2013, Detrital zircon U–Pb ages from the Paleozoic of the Canning and Officer basins, Western Australia: implications for basin evolution and interbasin connections: in Keep, M. and Moss, S.J. (Eds), 2013, The Sedimentary Basins of Western Australia IV: Proceedings of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Symposium, Perth, WA, 2013.

Kirkland, CL, Johnson, SP, Smithies, RH, Hollis, J, Wingate, MTD, Tyler, IM, Hickman, AH, Cliff, JB, Tessalina, S, Belousova, EA and Murphy, RC 2013, Not-so-suspect terrane: constraints on the crustal evolution of the Rudall Province: Precambrian Research, 235: 131–149.

Prendergast, MD and Wingate, MTD 2013, Zircon geochronology of late Archaean komatiitic sills and their felsic country rocks, south-central Zimbabwe: Implications for the development of the Bulawayan Supergroup: Precambrian Research, 229: 105–124.

Van Kranendonk, MJ, Ivanic, TJ, Wingate, MTD, Kirkland, CL and Wyche, S 2013, Long-lived, autochthonous development of the Archean Murchison Domain, and implications for Yilgarn Craton tectonics: Precambrian Research, 229: 49–92.

Kirkland, CL, Smithies, RH, Woodhouse, AJ, Howard, HM, Wingate, MTD, Belousova, EA, Cliff, JB, Murphy, RC and Spaggiari, CV 2013, Constraints and deception in the isotopic record; the crustal evolution of the west Musgrave Province, central Australia: Gondwana Research, 23: 759–781.

Pawley, MJ, Wingate, MTD, Kirkland, CL, Wyche, S, Hall, CE, Romano, SS and Doublier, MP 2012, Adding pieces to the puzzle: episodic crustal growth and a new terrane in the northeast Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 59: 603–623.

Wyche, S, Kirkland, CL, Riganti, AR, Pawley, MJ, Belousova, EA and Wingate, MTD 2012, Isotopic constraints on stratigraphy in the central and eastern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 59: 657–670.

Mole, DR, Fiorentini, ML, Thebaud, N, McCuaig, TC, Cassidy, KF, Kirkland, CL, Wingate, MTD, Romano, SS, Doublier, MP and Belousova, EA 2012, Spatio-temporal constraints on lithospheric development in the southwest-central Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 59: 625–656.

Ivanic, TJ, Van Kranendonk, MJ, Kirkland, CL, Wyche, S, Wingate, MTD and Belousova, EA 2012, Zircon Lu–Hf isotopes and geochemistry of the Murchison Domain of the Yilgarn Craton: Eoarchean crust reworked during Meso-Neoarchean plume-driven magmatism: Lithos, 148: 112–127.

Wade, CE, Reid, AJ, Wingate, MTD, Jagodzinski, EA and Barovich, K 2012, Geochemistry and geochronology of the c. 1585 Ma Benagerie Volcanic Suite, southern Australia: relationship to the Gawler Range Volcanics and implications for the petrogenesis of a Mesoproterozoic felsic large igneous province: Precambrian Research, 206: 17–35.

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