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Wolfgang Maier

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)


Contact details

Dept.of Geology
University of Oulu
Oulu, Finland 

P: +358 8 553 1432
M:+358 408293909
+358 8 553 1484

Wolfgang Maier is Professor for Ore Geology at the University of Oulu. He studied geology at the University of Munich, Germany (MSc on South African BIFs, 1987) and Rhodes University, South Africa (PhD on the Bushveld Complex, 1992). He taught igneous petrology and economic geology at the Universities of Pretoria (South Africa), Chicoutimi (Canada), and Western Australia. Wolf’s research deals with petrological and geochemical processes in mafic-ultramafic igneous systems that contribute to our understanding of continental magmatism, mantle evolution, plate tectonics and the formation of magmatic ore deposits including PGE, Ni-Cu, Cr, and V-Ti-Fe deposits.



Selected Publications

Fiorentini ML, Bekker A, Rouxel O, Wing BA, Maier WD, Rumble D (2012) Multiple sulphur and iron isotope composition of magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide mineralization from eastern Botswana. Econ Geol., 107, 105-116.

Barnes SJ, Osborne GA, Cook D, Barnes L, Maier WD, Godel B (2011) The Santa Rita Nickel sulfide deposit in the Fazenda Mirabela Intrusion, Bahia, Brazil: Geology, sulfide geochemistry and genesis. Econ Geol., 106, 1083-1110

Maier WD, Peltonen P, McDonald I, Barnes SJ, Barnes S-J, Hatton C, Viljoen F (2011) The concentration of platinum-group elements and gold in southern African and Karelian kimberlite-hosted mantle xenoliths: Implications for the noble metal content of the Earth’s mantle. Chem Geol., doi.org/10.1016/j.chemgeo.2011.06.014

Godel B, Seat Z, Maier WD, Barnes S-J (2011). The Nebo-Babel Cu-Ni-PGE sulfide deposit (West Musgrave Block, Australia): Part 2: Mafic dyke chemsirty with constraints on parental magma and processes. Econ Geol., 106, 557-584.

Said N, Kerrich R, McCuaig C, Maier WD (2011) Behaviour of Ni-PGE-Au-Cu in mafic-ultramafic suites of the 2.7 Ga Kambalda sequence, Kalgoorlie terrane, Yilgarn craton. Geochim et Cosmochim Acta, 75, 2882-2910

Maier WD, Groves DI (2011) Temporal and spatial controls on the formation of magmatic PGE and Ni-Cu deposits. Min Deposita, 46, 841-857

Fiorentini ML, Barnes SJ, Maier WD, Heggie GJ (2011) Global variability in the PGE contents of komatiites, J Pet 52, 82-112

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González-Álvarez I, Porwal A, Beresford SW, McCuaig TC, Maier WD (2010) Hydrothermal Ni Prospectivity Analysis of Tasmania, Australia, Ore Geology Reviews, 38, 168-183

Koek M, Kreuzer OP, Maier WD, Porwal AK, Thompson M, Guj P (2010) A review of the PGM industry, deposit models and exploration practices: implications for Australia’s PGM potential. Resources Policy, 35, 20-35

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Barnes S-J, Savard D, Bedard P, Maier WD (2009) Selenium and sulfur concentrations in the Bushveld Complex of South Africa and implications for formation of the platinum-group element deposits. Min Deposita,  44, 647-663

Maier WD, Barnes S-J (2008) Platinum-group elements in the UG1 and UG2 chromitites and the     Bastard reef at Impala platinum mine, western Bushveld Complex, SAJG, 111, 159-176.

Maier WD, Barnes S-J, Bandyayera D, Peltonen P, Eglington B, Li C, Ripley E (2008) The petrogenesis   and ore potential of the Kapalagulu and Musongati intrusions, Tanzania / Burundi. Lithos, 101, 24-53.

Maier WD, de Klerk L, Blaine J, Manyeruke T, Barnes S-J, Stevens MVA, Mavrogenes JA (2008) Petrogenesis of contact-style PGE mineralization in the northern lobe of the Bushveld Complex: comparison of data from the farms Rooipoort, Townlands, Drenthe and Nonnenwerth. Mineralium Deposita, 43, 255-280.

Maier WD, Barnes S-J, Chinyepi G, Setshedi I, Barton J, (2008). The petrogenesis of magmatic Ni-Cu- (PGE) deposits in NE Botswana: Compositional data from Phoenix, Selkirk, Tekwane, and intrusions in the Selebi-Phikwe area (Phikwe, Dikoloti, Lentswe, Phokoje). Min Deposita, 43, 37-60

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