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Greg Dering

PhD student
School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting

Contact details

Robert Street Building, Rm 204
Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)
School of Earth Sciences
The University of Western Australia (M006)
35 Stirling Highway

+61 8 6488 1241


Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide systems account for ~60% of world Ni production and include some of the most valuable mineral camps on earth such as Noril'sl-Talnakh (Russia), Voisey's Bay (Canada), and Jinchaun (China). There is consensus that Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide deposits are associated with high-flux magma channels that transport mantle-derived mafic and ultramafic melts into the crust. However, the mode of emplacement and self-organization of these magma feeder systems remain poorly understood in the context of magmatic-sulfide systems.

My research combines structural mapping and petrology with a physics-based approach to understand emplacement and organisation of mafic-ultramafic intrusion networks. This work draws on research from magmatic sulfide community at the intersection of fluid physics and geochemistry. I embrace emerging technologies such as drone-photogrammetry augment conventional field mapping and outcrop analysis with ultra-high resolution 3D terrain reconstruction.

Greg comes to CET from the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology in Reno, Nevada. He has worked in mineral and geothermal exploration throughout western North America and at Barrick’s Cortez Hills mine in northern Nevada.   

Research is funded CSIRO Mineral Resources Flagship and the ARC Centre for Excellence in Core to Crust Fluid Systems. Additional support provided by the Geological Survey of Western Australia and the Society of Economic Geology are greatly appreciated. Greg is the recipient of an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship from UWA.

Marco Fiorentini
Stephen Barnes (CSIRO Mineral Resources)
Steve Micklethwaite (CReST, Monash University)
Alexander Cruden (Monash University)


Dering, G.M., and Faulds, J.E., 2013, Preliminary geologic map of the Tuscarora geothermal field, Elko County, Nevada Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Open File Report 13-06, 1:24,000 scale, 2 plates and text.

Dering, G.M., and Faulds, J.E., 2012, Structural controls of the Tuscarora geothermal field, Elko County, Nevada, Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, v. 36, p. 41-46.

Extended abstracts

Dering, G., Fiorentini, M., Gonzalez, C., Davis, A., 2017, Arrested in the Ivrea Zone: Ni sulfide mineralisation in lower continental crust, La Balma igneous complex (NW Italian Alps), Biennial SGA Conference, Quebec City, Quebec.

Dering, G., Micklethwaite, S., Barnes, S., Fiorentini, M., Cruden, A., and Tohver, E., 2016, An Elevated Perspective: Dyke-related fracture networks analysed with UAV photogrammetry in Proceedings, 7th International Dyke Conference, Beijing, China.


Dering, G., Barnes, S., Micklethwaite, S., Cruden, A., Fiorentini, M., and Tohver, E., 2016, Dyke tips and melt pathways: Insights from UAV photogrammetry, 13th International Nickel-Copper-PGE Symposium, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Dering, G., Micklethwaite, S., Barnes, S., Fiorentini, M., Cruden, A., 2016, Relating Seismicity to Dike Emplacement, and the Conundrum of Dyke-Parallel Faulting, Abstract V53B-3090, presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 12-18.

Grants and awards

Best student presentation,  2016 International Nickel-Copper-PGE Symposium

Hugo Dummett Mineral Discovery Fund grant recipient, 2015, Society of Economic Geologists