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Chris Wijns

Adjunct Research Fellow
Chair of the CET Technical Working Group
Member of the CET Strategic Advisory Board

School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting

Contact details

Level 1, 24 Outram St
West Perth, WA 6005

+618 9346 0147


Chris has been the Group Geophysicist for First Quantum Minerals, a world-wide base metals miner, since late 2008. Previously, he held a similar role for four years with gold company Resolute Mining Ltd, following completion of a PhD at UWA and CSIRO in crustal geodynamics and interactive geophysical inversion. Before moving to Australia in 1999 as a visiting researcher at CSIRO, Chris worked in gold exploration in West Africa for Placer Dome.


Ph.D. Geophysics, 2004. University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
M.Sc. Geophysics, 1996. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

B.Sc. (honours) Geophysics, 1993. McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Current Professional Memberships

Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (Active), Australian Institute of Geoscientists (Member), South African Geophysical Association (Member)

Research Interests

Chris is generally interested in integrating geology and geophysics for the purposes of mineral exploration, and bringing research results into the mining industry for practical application as soon as possible. He fancies himself as a geophysicist who tries to become a bit more of a geologist and geochemist with every passing year. Chris is keen to push geophysics into resource modelling and the mining operation at one end of the spectrum, and relishes greenfields targeting and area selection at the other end. Chris is a strong supporter of sharing data and providing data for research, and recognises that the best advances come from cross-disciplinary ideas. His enthusiasm for mentoring has translated into continuous involvement in student supervision from BSc to PhD levels, with previous students at universities in Australia, Mali, Tanzania, and Finland.


Selected Publications 

Viezzoli, A., G. Manca, C. Wijns (2020). Causes and effects of the AIP trap in AEM data. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 175, doi:/10.1016/j.jappgeo.2020.103970

Junno, N., E. Koivisto, I. Kukkonen, A. Malehmir, C. Wijns, M. Montonen (2020). Data mining of petrophysical and lithogeochemical borehole data to elucidate the origin of seismic reflectivity within the Kevitsa Ni–Cu–PGE bearing intrusion, northern Finland. Geophysical Prospecting, 68, 82-102.

Horrocks, T., E.-J. Holden, D. Wedge, C. Wijns, M. Fiorentini (2019). Geochemical characterisation of rock hydration processes using t-SNE. Computers & Geosciences, 124, 46-57.

Horrocks, T., E.-J. Holden, D. Wedge, C. Wijns (2018). A nonparametric boundary detection technique applied to 3D inverted surveys of the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit. Geophysics, 83 (1), IM:1-13.

Malehmir, A., A. Tryggvason, C. Wijns, E. Koivisto, T. Lindqvist, P. Skyttä, M. Montonen (2018). Why 3D seismic data are an asset for exploration and mine planning? Velocity tomography of weakness zones in the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE mine, northern Finland. Geophysics, 83(2), B33–B46.

Wijns, C. (2017). Exploration geoscience inside the mine gate.  Keynote presentation, 15th SAGA Biennial Technical Meeting and Exhibition, 10-13 Sep 2017, Cape Town, South Africa. Extended Abstracts.

Wijns, C. (2017). Geophysics at the small end of the scale: understanding the resource. In Wyche, S. and W.K. Witt (eds) 2017, TARGET 2017, Perth, Australia: abstracts: Geological Survey of Western Australia, Record 2017/6, 166p. 

Wijns, C. (2016). Airborne EM for mine infrastructure planning. Exploration Geophysics, 47, 279–284.

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Wijns, C. (2015). Improving resource density models via surface gravity inversion. Australian Soc. Expl. Geophys. 24th Conference and Exhibition, 15-18 Feb 2015, Perth, Australia. Extended Abstracts.

Malehmir, A., E. Koivisto, M. Manzi, S. Cheraghi, R.J. Durrheim, G. Bellefleure, C. Wijns, K.A.A. Hein, N. King (2014). A review of reflection seismic investigations in three major metallogenic regions: The Kevitsa Ni–Cu–PGE district (Finland), Witwatersrand goldfields (South Africa), and the Bathurst Mining Camp (Canada). Ore Geology Reviews, 56, 423-441.

Malehmir, A., C. Juhlin, C. Wijns, M. Urosevic, P. Valasti, E. Koivisto (2012). 3D reflection seismic investigation for open-pit mine planning and exploration in the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, Northern Finland. Geophysics, 77(5), WC95-WC108. doi: 10.1190/GEO2011-0468.1

Wijns, C. (2012). Geophysics in Resource Delineation. Resource Evaluation and Mining 2012, 30 Mar 2012, Burswood, Western Australia. Extended Abstracts, AIG Bulletin No. 55 – 2012.

Wedge, D., Y. Sivarajah, E.-J. Holden, P. Kovesi, P. Johnston, C. Wijns (2012). Visualising full tensor gradient gravity data using texture and colour cues. Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Digital Image Computing Techniques and Applications (DICTA). USA: IEEE, Inst. of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1, 1-8.

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