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Jim Everett

Adjunct Professor

School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting


Contact details

P: (08) 9386 2934


Personal Profile

Research Output / Publications

After his PhD in plate tectonics and geophysics at Cambridge and two-years’ postdoctoral work on geomagnetics in the Earth Sciences faculty at the ANU, Jim listened to his family asking “what are you going to do when you grow up”, so joined industry, working for West Australian Petroleum, then for a small mining company, and finally for Woodside.

Having computer experience, he was assigned to pre-drilling project evaluations.  Finding he was losing arguments with accountants, he completed a couple of business degrees part-time at the University of Western Australia.

UWA was starting the MBA course and wanted people with industry experience to teach on it. So he returned to academia and spent thirty years in the UWA Economics and Commerce Faculty, which morphed into the current Business School.

During that time he was an active researcher, publishing in many journals and conference proceedings, and continued to consult to industry. Since retirement as Emeritus Professor in 2006 he has continued to publish and to consult, mainly to the iron ore mining industry, in the fields of ore selection, ore sequencing, grade control and simulation modelling.

Most old blokes lose their faculties, but he has recently gained one, joining the UWA Earth and Environment Faculty as an Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Exploration Targeting. Through the CET, he has recently completed two projects in South Africa for manganese and iron ore mining companies.