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Richard Schodde

Adjunct Associate Professor

School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting


Contact details

MinEx Consulting Pty Ltd
49 Surrey Road
South Yarra 3141
Melbourne, Australia

M: 0418909769


30 years of experience in the resources industry with a unique mix of business evaluation skills across a wide range of industries (mining, energy and chemicals) and along the entire value chain (from R&D and exploration through to project development, strategic planning and mergers & acquisitions).

Internationally recognised as a leader in mineral economics through his public speaking engagements, extensive publications, and high-level consulting and other industry experience.


Publications/ External Presentations

Schodde RC, "Long-term forecast of Australia’s mineral production and revenue - The outlook for gold: 2017-2057", Oct 2017 Long Term Production Forecast Report 16 Oct 2017

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