Mineralogical and Petrogenetic evolution of the Arunta pegmatite province in the Northern Territory: controls on lithium mineralization and implications for exploration targeting for pegmatite-associated critical minerals.

The project commences in March 2023, with a 2 year duration. It is sponsored by a consortium of companies, headed by Australasian Metals, and involving Askari Metals, Core Lithium, Lithium Springs and Oceana Lithium. CET personnel are Tony Kemp and Steffen Hagemann, Jack Stirling (UWA PhD graduate) has been employed as the Research Fellow to work on the project.


The aim of the project is to define a robust litho-chemical-mineralization framework for critical mineral-bearing pegmatites in the Arunta Province, placing this in the context of available structural constraints. Detailed mineralogical and mineral chemistry investigations on Li-bearing and pathfinder minerals will be undertaken, enabling robust and cost-effective exploration targeting for fertile (with respect to critical metals such as lithium, tantalum and potentially rare earth element) granites.