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Geodynamics through time

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Geodynamics through time
Start Date:
1 Jan 2018
End Date:
1 Dec 2022
Yeneena basin, WA



Basins, orogens, and associated magmatism at the edges of Archean Cratons often host deposits of strategic metals (such as Ni–Cu–Co–PGE–V–Ti–W–REE–Pb–Zn–Ag) and gold deposits, therefore the study of the tectonic development of cratonic margins is necessary to inform ground selection at the regional-scale and mineral exploration programs at the camp- and prospect-scale. Better understanding of lithosphere-scale forces driving the development of basins and orogens, the generation of associated magmas and the development of structures formed during deposition, and reactivation during inversion, can only be achieved by an integrated multi-scale Solid Earth interpretation approach coupled with diverse modelling techniques.

This project is a fully integrated basin study approach applied to Yeneena basin, WA. It combines interpretation of multiple regional datasets (e.g. seismic, gravity, magnetics, remote sensing, geology, geochemistry, geochronology, isotope studies) with numerical/geological modelling to investigate multi-scale (lithospheric to crustal) multi-stage deformation processes.
With this approach, we have developed a workflow to investigate areas with limited geological data coverage. All available datasets have been deployed to understand the region with a combination of novel analytical techniques. Finally, this information is fed into semi-automated 3D geological modelling tools that allow for the creation of a 3D model, which in turn informs on major potential fluid pathways and prospective areas within a region.


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Participating Partner Research Orgs: CSIRO, GSWA

Funding Agencies: MRIWA

Industry Participants: FMG, First Quantum