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Multiscale Analysis of high grade gold intercepts

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Multiscale Analysis of high grade gold intercepts
Start Date:
1 Jul 2021
End Date:
1 Jul 2021
Western Australia


This project aims to improve our understanding of how extremely high-grade gold occurrences form by deciphering the processes associated to metal transport and accumulation within the Earth’s crust. This project expects to generate new knowledge in the area of gold geochemistry using novel experimental programs, interdisciplinary approaches and by utilising advanced technologies. Expected outcomes of this project include reducing the unpredictability of high-grade gold occurrences and strengthening existing alliances with industry partners. This project should benefit the mineral industry partners by helping to discover high grade gold resources which is of great benefit to Australia.


Project Coordinator:


  • Laura Petrella
  • Laure Martin
  • Denis Fougerouse
  • Mark Pierce
  • Wheiwua Liu
  • Andy Tomkins
  • Joel Brugger
  • Chris Voisey

Additional Information

Funding Agencies: ARC LP200200897

Industry Participants: Northern Star, Karora Resources, Kirkand Lake