Petrologic of gold-rich systems - Centre for Exploration Targeting

Petrologic constraints on the genesis of gold-rich systems

Geochemistry and Metallogenic Processes

Petrologic of gold-rich systems
Start Date:
1 Jan 2021
End Date:
1 Jan 2024

The project will provide a new set of tools to explore for gold-rich ore deposits in Australia and globally.

By integrating geochemical studies with cutting-edge experiments carried out at three Australian universities in strategic partnership with industry, the outcomes of this project will provide much needed knowledge to predict the locations of large gold-rich deposits that are concealed beneath vast expanses of the Australian continent.

The new results will translate into smarter exploration practice, significantly enhancing success in targeting ore deposits that are rich in high-value metal and display the smallest have a small environmental footprint, to underpin the sustainability of our nation into the future.


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Funding Agencies: ARC (LP190100785)

Industry Participants: Newmont, Rio Tinto, Anglo American, Anglo Gold Ashanti