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CONGRATULATIONS to Professor Mark Jessell on his recent ARC Linkage Grant Success!

The Minister for Education, the Hon Dan Tehan MP, has announced the latest funding under the ARC Linkage Projects scheme.

The following grant, led by Prof Mark Jessell, was awarded to UWA: Evolution of Proterozoic multistage rift basins – key to mineral systems. $1,055,000 (ARC funds) & $900,837 in cash & $666,780 in-kind from the partner organisations: CSIRO, BHP Billiton, Independence Group, Geological Survey of Western Australia, Anglo American, Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia.

This project will deliver a new quantitative and integrated exploratory framework for the mineral industry in Australia’s frontier sedimentary basins by integrating the latest advances in laboratory experimental tectonics with thermo-mechanical numerical, surface process and geophysical modelling.

The project will use northern Australian basins as a natural laboratory to address the fundamental processes involved in the development of sedimentary ore systems. The project will investigate how they can be detected by modern exploration techniques using a multidisciplinary approach with a team of experts with backgrounds in mineral and petroleum systems.


Recent Advances in Economic Geology Symposium

The Centre for Exploration Targeting and the School of Earth Sciences are pleased to announce the "Recent Advances in Economic Geology Symposium" which will be held from 17th - 20th of February 2020, at The University of Western Australia. This has been very successful in the past and 2020 is a timely renewal of the event. The 4 day symposium will showcase some of our most recent research advances. 

NEW in 2020

Graduate Certificate in Minerals and Energy Management

A specially-designed Graduate Certificate for resources industry professionals - from technical and commercial backgrounds in mining/metals and oil/gas - who are seeking to advance their career, typically from technical roles towards general management positions.


Congratulations to Tony Kemp and his team on their 2020 ARC Discovery Grant:

Testing continental growth models with calcium and strontium isotopes
A/Prof Anthony Kemp, Prof Simon Wilde, Prof Martin Van Kranendonk, Prof Tim Elliott

The Project aims to chart the evolution of the Earth’s primordial mantle and oceans between 3.75 and 2.8 billion years ago using calcium and strontium isotopes in ancient igneous and sedimentary rocks. A novel solution to the controversy over the timing and rate of growth of the Earth’s continents is expected. Anticipated outcomes include the establishment of innovative analytical tools for tracing geological and environmental processes, and stronger collaborative links with premier research institutions abroad. The significant benefits of the Project include an enhanced understanding of the environment in which early life evolved, and fresh insight into the formation of the richly mineralized nucleus of the Australian continent.



Another successful CET Members' Day was held on Wednesday 27th of November, 2019 in the Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre at the UWA Business School.