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Critical Evaluation of 3D Geological Models (May 2021)


Critical Evaluation of 3D Geological Models (May 2021)

Audience : The course is aimed at geoscientists from both industry and academia who desire to gain a better insight on the latest advances in 3D geological modelling, with a focus on regional-scale and on-shore modelling


Course Content : This three-day course will cover the principles of 3D geological modelling from a software-agnostic perspective. We will cover a range of 3D modelling use cases; discuss the choice of input data; the various methodologies for predicting 3D geology; how to characterise and reduce uncertainty; how to incorporate geophysical constraints and how to use 3D models as part of a minerals proceptivity workflow. The organisers are Prof Mark Jessell and Dr Mark Lindsay (University of Western Australia), who will draw upon case studies of 3D modelling projects in Australia and globally. Invited scholars and experts in the discipline will also be presenting targeted overviews on specific topics, ranging from the newest methods in predicting properties in 3D, to characterising and understanding the impacts of geological uncertainty. The content will be delivered face-to-face and online to facilitate the attendance of professionals and researchers located remotely



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