The Geochemical Toolbox for Mineral Exploration (February 2024) - Centre for Exploration Targeting

The Geochemical Toolbox for Mineral Exploration (February 2024)


The Geochemical Toolbox for Mineral Exploration (February 2024)

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Audience: This one-day short course is aimed at geoscientists from both industry and academia who wish to gain a better understanding how the state-of-the-art geochemical methods can be applied to a wide range of mineral systems for purpose of mineral exploration.

Course Content: This course will provide a fundamental background, along with case studies, to demonstrate how modern geochemical techniques (with a particular focus on microanalytical methods) can be successfully exploited for both the purpose of understanding how different mineral systems operate, as well as for aiding in mineral exploration. The course will discuss various approaches to sample characterization, analytical methods and strategies, and demonstrate how the various geochemical methods can be used for the purposes of mineral exploration. Covered topics will include:

• Sample characterization, including using TIMA and Tornado systems
• Strategies, methods, and case studies for dating mineralization using a wide range of minerals and isotope systems (U-Pb, Ar-Ar, Re-Os, Rb-Sr).
• Isotope mapping of lithospheric architecture to locate potentially mineralized regions
• Sanukitoids, related rocks, and their relevance to gold exploration
• The use of a wide range of minerals as metallogenic “fertility indicators”
• The application of sulfur isotopes for exploration in orogenic gold systems

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Venue: The University Club of Western Australia, Entrance 1, Hackett Drive


CET Members AU$318.18 + GST | Non-Members AU$450 + GST | University Postdocs and Fellows AU $100 + GST| UWA Students attend for free


Duration: 1 day- 08:00 to 17:30, 17:30 onwards sundowner (Perth time - GMT+8)

Days and Times: 16th February 2024 (Friday)