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School: School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting
Address: The University of Western Australia (M006), 35 Stirling Highway,6009 Perth, Australia
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Mobile Phone: +61447153413


Dan obtained his PhD from the University of Bristol in 2021 for work under Professor Tim Elliott and in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific to develop a method for in situ Rb-Sr dating on the prototype mass spectrometer ‘Proteus’ and aid in the development of its commercial successor Neoma. He was then subsequently involved in two research projects while based at the University of Bristol to apply the developed Rb-Sr dating technique to the dating of potassic alteration in porphyry copper deposits and detrital K-feldspar to provide constraints on the geochemical evolution of the continental crust throughout the Archean. Dan now works as a Research Fellow at UWA with Dr Anthony Kemp on an ARC funded project that will attempt to trace the Sr & Ca isotopic evolution of the mantle and seawater during the Archean to provide new constraints on the rate of continental crust growth throughout this time.

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