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School: School of Earth Sciences
Address: The University of Western Australia, (M006) 35 Stirling Highway Perth WA 6009
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Mobile Phone: +61405710637


Jonathan is a young geoscientist originally from Colombia. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Industrial University of Santander, where he conducted research on the thermal evolution of solid hydrocarbons hosted in Cretaceous sedimentary rocks from the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia. His passion for geology led him to pursue a Master’s degree at Novosibirsk State University in Siberia. There, he specialized in ore deposits and focused his research on understanding the evolution of Ni-Cu-PGE Norilsk-type intrusions based on the geochemical and mineralogical variations exhibited in ores and rock-forming minerals.

Currently, Jonathan is pursuing his PhD at the CET, under the supervision of Marco Fiorentini (UWA) and Margaux Le Vaillant (CSIRO). Together, they are working to gain a better understanding of some of the mechanism controlling mineral endowment in high-grade metamorphic terranes i.e., granulites, representing the lower crust, focusing on the South West Yilgarn. To achieve this, Jonathan is using the Katanning gold project (KGP) as a natural laboratory.

PhD Project

Main process(es) and mechanism(s) controlling the formation of metalliferous deposits in high-grade metamorphic terranes: The case study of Katanning Gold Project (KPG), SW Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.

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