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Peter Williams obtained a M Eng Science from the Colorado School of Mines in 1991, where he developed the applications of Artifical Neural Networks to solving patern recognition and non linear mapping problems in Airborne ultispectral Reflected EM data in 1989/90, which led to a International Patent. He further developed applications in applying such technology to multi-disciplinary data fusion issues.

Peter was formerly Chief Geophysicist and Manager of Geoscience Technology for WMC Resources. He was one of the founding members of Independence Group Limited and developed high powered 3 component 3D TEM technology and applications that lead to the discovery of over 75,000t of nickel at the Victor Long Nickel Mine in Kambalda. Peter has extensive experience in West Africa where he was the vendor of Gryphon Minerals’ Banfora Gold Project, was involved in the project generation of Papillion’s Mali projects and was a co-founder and founding director of Ampella Mining Ltd. Peter was a co-founder of the International Resource Sector Intelligence company, Intierra, and was a co-founder of the first dedicated hard rock mineral seismic company in the world, HiSeis.

Peter is a co-founder of TTG Education, which facilitates the development and delivery of Professional Education in West African Countries. He is also the Chairman of the “Towards a Better Future Fund” (Not for Profit Organisation), and “EdEn Now” which facilitates the development of education and entrepreneurial outcomes in West Africa.

Innovative use of Geoscience
New data fusion methods
Successful integration of multi-disciplinary geoscience data sets Discovering mineral deposits

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