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Steve obtained his B.S. from Stanford in 1984 and M.Sc. from the University of British Columbia in 1987, both degrees in the field of geology. He was awarded a Ph.D. in geology (with distinction) in 2001 from the University of Western Australia for a district-scale study of the Batu Hijau Cu-Au porphyry system in Sumbawa, eastern Indonesia. Steve has more than twenty-eight years of experience as an exploration geologist with large and small mining companies working in SE Asia, SW Pacific, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, China and Russia. He has extensive knowledge of porphyry-, epithermal- and Carlin like-systems and applies methods of structural geology and geochemistry towards gold and base-metals exploration. Steve was employed by Newmont Mining for ten years, including more than two years as Chief Geologist–Nevada. Steve is now an independent geological consultant based in Perth, Australia and a technical advisor to several exploration groups.

Much of Steve’s consulting work focuses on using multiple datasets to assist in the discovery of mineral resources. He has been an adjunct research fellow at the Centre for Exploration Targeting at the University of Western Australia since 2001 and was appointed a visiting fellow at the Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University in 2014.

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