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School: School of Earth Sciences
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Madeleine completed her Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in 2018 at UWA with a Geology and Marine Science double major. Her honours project focused on small orthomagmatic Ni-Cu deposits in the Northern Czech Republic and focused on characterising these deposits through geochemistry, sulfur isotope analysis and U-Pb isotope analysis to understand the geodynamic environment at the time of emplacement.

In 2019, she continued her studies at UWA and started a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Steffen Hagemann and A. Prof. Marco Fiorentini. Her project focuses on Cu-Au porphyry systems of the Argentinian Central Andes and aims to examine the petrogenesis of different porphyry intrusions, including the Bajo de la Alumbrera and Taca Taca deposits, and link this to Cu-Au mineralisation. She is investigating some fundamental questions in the region, including why some systems are more mineralised than others, what the Physico-chemical conditions of magma formation are, and what the geodynamic evolution actually looked like in the Oligocene to late Miocene period. This will be investigated through a combination of fieldwork, petrography and isotope geochemistry, with a focus on U-Pb geochronology, stable isotope analyses and Lu-Hf systematics of zircons from mineralising and barren porphyries within the Bajo de la Alumbrera and Taca Taca systems.

PhD Project

Petrogenesis of the Taca Taca Cu-Mo porphyry deposit and other Oligocene to Miocene porphyries of NW Argentina

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