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Petrogenesis of the Taca Taca Cu-Mo porphyry system

Taca Taca porphyry system
Start Date:
1 Sep 2019
End Date:
1 Jun 2024

The Taca Taca Cu-Mo porphyry system, located in northwest Argentina, is situated within the retro-arc region of the Eocene-Oligocene metallogenic belt in Chile. This particular metallogenic belt is globally recognized for its abundant mineral resources and hosts significant deposits such as Escondida, Chuquicamata, and El Abra. The primary objective of this project is to characterise the source and magma evolution of the Taca Taca porphyry intrusions through detailed petrography, zircon petrochronology and whole-rock geochemistry. Additionally, we aim to contribute to the understanding of the relative and absolute timing of hydrothermal alteration events at Taca Taca via detailed diamond core logging (document cross-cutting and replacement relationships), petrography, mineral chemistry and geochronology.


The fundamental outcome of this study is to advance the understanding of porphyry deposit formation within the retro-arc zone of the Andes. By accomplishing this, it is anticipated that the exploration potential within this region will be significantly enhanced.


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Participating Partner Research Orgs: Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Funding Agencies: First Quantum Minerals

Industry Participants: First Quantum Minerals