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School: School of Earth Sciences
Address: The University of Western Australia, (M006) 35 Stirling Highway Perth WA 6009
Office Phone: +61 8 64883465


Marco is a Professor in the Centre for Exploration Targeting, at the School of Earth Sciences, University of Western Australia. Since receiving his PhD in 2005, Marco held a number of industry and ARC funded postdoctoral appointments. In 2012-2016 he was the proud recipient of an ARC Future Fellowship. His research portfolio reflects the multiple interests that characterise his work. His PhD examined the siderophile element budget of the Early Earth, whereas his ongoing research investigates the processes that led to the genesis of mineralising systems in various terrestrial (and extra-terrestrial) geodynamic settings. More recently, Marco has also focused his attention on unravelling the cryptic planetary sulfur cycle. Marco promotes a philosophy that applied research and pure science are two sides of the same coin. He is a dedicated mentor to many PhD students and values close collaboration in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

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