In May 2022, Dr. Brian Tattitch, Dr. Nicolas Thebaud, Dr. Marco Fiorentini, and PhD student Ravi Schreefel attended the Gordon Research Conference in Spain, which promotes substantive discussion and interaction around cutting-edge geochemistry research topics. Presentations and Posters given by Brian Tattitch, and Laura Petrella (presented by Nicolas Thebaud) on hydrothermal alteration/mineralization and nano-particle mediated gold deposition were well received by the community, which was an equal split between research leaders from Academia, Industry and Government.
The whole team received fantastic feedback and initiated several new collaborations with academic and industry partners that will hopefully be starting up over the next few months.

Finally, to help grow this increased interaction between academia and industry through the Gordon Research Conferences our own Marco Fiorentini was voted to act as vice-chair and then chair for the next two Gordon Conferences on Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits! Everyone should look to participate in what will surely be great programs in 2024 and 2026.